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25 Nov 2009

19 Nov 2009

The Italian Girl in Algiers


Interview with Paul Carey Jones about the upcoming opera Italian Girl in Algiers, inspired by the Playboy mansion… (Festival Theatre: 25-28th Nov)

4 Nov 2009

14 Sep 2009


* * * * *

This one man show from the seed of Mr. Bowie sends us into space in the more than capable hands of Sam Rockwell and more than eerie voice of Kevin Spacey.

High Life

* * * - -

From this years Film Festival: Dark comedy with some 80s consumerism thrown in…flares and wigs back on the screen?

The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

* * * - -

A nice little drama, not too dark to matter and not too light to be funny. Nonetheless it offers an interesting look into costumes across the decades, so no complaining here.

The Calling

* * * - -

Every now and again a film maker comes along who’s sole purpose is to instill the fear of God in his/her audience. This film sees yet another accolade to the sisterhood…


* * * - -

Oh no, we’re all going to die again, the world is over and there’s no escape except through a child’s laughter…or not. Pontypool seems to take our cliched apocalyptic drama and turn it into something more verbose…


* * - - -

A romcom about Aspergers’? For Jen McGregor the lemon just doesn’t kick after being force fed a couple of kilos of sugar.

10 Jun 2009

The Abduction from the Seraglio: Elena Xanthoudakis


With Opera North offering a season of inventive takes on traditional opera, our own Jennifer McGregor (Opera queen) decided to interview the feisty Elena Xanthoudakis who is currently performing in The Abduction, to find out what inspired this talented, award winning young woman to commit the world of opera.

28 May 2009

Cosi Fan Tutte

* * * * -

Scottish Opera and the Glasgow Royal bring us one of the more ‘kinky’ operas that focuses on the dirty world of infidelity.