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Jonny Sweet


After four years in the wanderlust wilderness, Jonny Sweet is back to the homeland to gorge himself on musical and cinematic catnip and scribble furiously in dimly lit rooms.

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Gentle French comedy is heady blend of all the right notes

Young Ahmed

Skin-deep examination of one boy’s indoctrination into radical extremism

The Mad Fox

Inventively theatrical but narratively suspect tale from classical Japan

End of Sentence

Road movie delves into the heart of a dysfunctional father-son relationship

Orange Tree Theatre [via YouTube]

Amsterdam [ONLINE]

Orange Tree Theatre’s deep delve into the legacy of the Holocaust is bogged down by its own directorial heft

Edinburgh Filmhouse


Political satire meets violent thriller in captivating genre mash-up



Icelandic tale of love and narcotics



Gentle heart-gladdener finds friendship in unlikely places

Glasgow Film Theatre


Strong central performances can’t mask messy plot in twee black comedy

Glasgow Film Theatre

Initials SG

Character study of an aging Lothario whose ego outstrips all else

Glasgow Film Theatre

Measure for Measure

Contemporary Australian take on Shakespearean tale of morality and justice



Harrowing look at the real costs of war


Valley of Souls

Slow-paced drama lays bare the scars of Colombia’s recent history



Middle-America satire grossly over-spices the sausage

Edinburgh Filmhouse

First Love

Crazy and chaotic gangster film which oozes style and subversive humour