Laura Ingram

20 Aug 2015

I, Elizabeth

* * * * -

Elizabeth I addresses the audience in her own impassioned words.

17 Aug 2015

Mrs Shakespeare

* * * * *

An energetic and hilarious depiction of what Shakespeare would make of his plays were he to be reincarnated in the present as a woman.

16 Aug 2015

Interview: Katharine Hurst


Laura Ingram interviews actress Katharine Hurst about her role as celebrated courtesan/spy, Mata Hari, in Mata Hari: Female Spy at Zoo Venues this Fringe.

Interview: Gavin Robertson


Laura Ingram speaks to the producer, writer and performer of Crusoe – a darkly-comic play about three disparate male characters in an urban world, playing at Zoo Venues.

15 Aug 2015

Edith in the Dark

* * * - -

A dark and gently comic play about the darker writing tastes of the famous author of The Railway Children.

Dylan Thomas: The Man, The Myth

* * * * -

An insight into the life and literature of Dylan Thomas by his granddaughter, Hannah Ellis, and the highly respected actor of his works, Guy Masterson.

11 Aug 2015

7 Aug 2015

21 Jul 2015

Interview: Guy Masterson


Acclaimed actor, producer, director and playwright, Guy Masterson, talks to Laura Ingram about why his interest in the life and works of Dylan Thomas is personal.

17 Jul 2015

Interview: Rebecca Vaughan


Actress, writer, producer: How does Rebecca Vaughan of Dyad Productions juggle her many hats and still create five-star theatre on and off the Fringe? Laura Ingram interviews…

25 Jun 2015

28 May 2015

Dolly West’s Kitchen

* * * * -

A thought-provoking ensemble piece that explores relationships as they are affected by the dynamics of the Second World War, and Ireland’s official neutrality.

9 May 2015

17 Mar 2015


* * * - -

A musical love letter to Monty Python, by one of the cult hit’s original creators.