Jan Simpson


Jan is a PA, writer, editor and PhD researcher based in the North-East. For more than two years she compiled reviews with her late husband Tom. Tom adored theatre, comedy and live music and was especially adept at squeezing in as many Fringe shows as possible into three or four days. One of their first dates was to see Little Shop of Horrors in Coventry in 1990, perhaps not the most romantic night out but where it all started anyway.

2 Nov 2018

31 Aug 2018

30 Aug 2018

28 Aug 2018

27 Aug 2018

The Sea’s Sediments

Activist, journalist and author reframe the romance of the sea with bleak reports of corruption, trafficking and violence.

Mother Sea

Delightful discussion of what poetry can be, what the sea can be and sea blindness.

4 Dec 2017


* * - - -

Experiment with tablet footage challenges narrative.

28 Nov 2017

31 Jul 2017

25 Jun 2017


* * * * *

Poignant and unforgettable journey set in Aberdeen.

27 Apr 2017

His Final Bow

* * * - -

Tale of Lincoln’s assassin John Wilkes Booth shows the danger posed by hatred, ambition and vanity.