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Pink House
PQA Venues @ Riddle's Court

Pink House

A small-scale and subtly powerful play about the ghosts of the past and cultural legacies

Gregory's Girl
Gilded Balloon @ Rose Theatre

Gregory’s Girl

The film that captured the zeitgeist of 80s Scotland translates perfectly on to today’s stage.

Pitlochry Festival Theatre

North and South

Pitlochry Festival Theatre brings theatre into the community by delivering an ambitious adaptation of Gaskell’s novel that just falls short

I'll Take You To Mrs Cole
Pleasance Courtyard

I’ll Take You To Mrs Cole!

A first class production that is beguiling and magical, teaching us not to demonise what we don’t know or understand

ZOO Playground


Parallel storylines show depressing truths about the difference between real life and a fairytale

Sweet Novotel


A chilling true story that needs to be told