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The first in our new series of Q&As with comedians on the Scottish circuit.

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Complete The Circuit is our series of interviews with regulars on the Scottish comedy circuit. Each comedian answers our questions then nominates someone else to answer them next, until, having asked everyone who’s anyone we get back to the beginning. We start here. Interviewee #1 – Eddy Brimson. ¬†

Who are you, what are you and how are you feeling?

Eddy Brimson. I’m a stand up comedian and author. I’m feeling both nervous and excited about the coming Edinburgh Festival. I stepping out of my comfort zone this year by not doing straight stand-up. They loved it in Grimsby, but Bury…

When did you first think “I’m a comedian”?

Once people started to ask me back and then offer me money to do so.

When did anyone else first think you were a comedian?

Once I went full time. That was both a scary and wonderful moment. It’s such a strange way to earn you money.

How do you like to work?

I need a deadline and then panic sets in. For me that’s the best way.

Someone nicks your joke. What do you do?

That’s the biggest no-no on the circuit. Unfortunately there is a lot of it about these days as most of the TV comics use writers. There are some big names with bad reputations. I’ve had a few bits stolen, but there’s not a lot you can do. However, once you get a rep as a joke thief, you’re kind of dismissed from the gang.

What do you like most about the Scottish comedy circuit?

I’ve been living here for just over a year now and the thing that has struck me is just how good so many of the acts are. Open mic nights down south can be brutal. Up here they are just like a normal gig night.

What do you like least about the Scottish comedy circuit?

Aberdeen is a long drive, eh?

The Fringe – Heaven or Hell and why?

Both. To have so many good, talented mates around is heaven. But the cost can be astronomical, and that puts comedians under a lot of pressure.

What would you ban from comedy?

Mobile phones at gigs.

In the kingdom of comedy, who’s the ruler, and what’s your role in the court?

The King would have to be Billy Connolly. Me, I’m just a soldier.

Give us a comedian we should talk to next

Mark Nelson

Eddy Brimson: Knee Pads & Lemons is @ Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh @ 17:30 from Sat 5 Aug
Follow Eddy on Twitter @eddybrimson

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