Gareth Waugh


Fast-rising Scottish star takes our Q&A

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Complete The Circuit is our series of interviews with regulars on the Scottish comedy circuit. Each comedian answers our questions then nominates someone else to answer them next, until, having asked everyone who’s anyone we get back to the beginning. Next up, selected by Mark Nelson, is Gareth Waugh.

Who are you, what are you and how are you feeling?

I’m Gareth Waugh and I’m a stand up comedian from Edinburgh.

When did you first think “I’m a comedian”?

There’s a few moments I’ve had, that I’m sure most comedians have, where something amazing is happening and you have a little moment where you take stock and realise how incredible what you’re doing is. Things like playing the Edinburgh Playhouse, appearing on TV, performing at the Gilded Balloon at the Fringe or even just occasionally at a packed out gig where you take a moment and say to yourself “this is mental” and you appreciate how lucky you are.

When did anyone else first think you were a comedian?

I remember in college one of my classmates suggested I should try it and my other friends in the class agreeing. It was always something I’d loved. I used to stay up late when I was young and watch Comedy Central, which was Paramount at the time, to watch Live at the Comedy Store,  Jongleurs etc. I was obsessed.

How do you like to work?

I tend to work with other comedians. I always find it easier to bounce of each other and add to our bits. Myself and Daniel Sloss do a semi regular gig at Summerhall where we test material that we’ve wrote that day which is brilliant fun but also incredibly helpful for working things out.  The crowd are fairly regular so it encourages us to come up with new stuff.

Someone nicks your joke. What do you do?

Man, I’d be pretty surprised if anybody ever did. I’ve had instances where myself and others have some bits of material that were quite similar and you tend to just talk it out and if it’s almost the exact same then somebody will drop it.

What do you like most about the Scottish comedy circuit?

It’s very close knit, everyone knows each other and the majority of the circuit are good eggs.

What do you like least about the Scottish comedy circuit?

It’s very close knit, news travels incredibly fast and it can be quite bitchy.

The Fringe – Heaven or Hell and why?

Heaven. I adore the Fringe, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world in August. I’ve been coming to see shows at the fringe since I was 16 so to now be a part of it is incredibly humbling. Also it feels like all my friends from all over the world come to visit.

What would you ban from comedy?

Q&As… lol jk  [Note to writers: No more interviews with Waugh. Thanks – ed.]

Just douchebags I guess? At every level, punters, comics, critics… just ban all the dicks. [Note to writers: We’re banned from Waugh’s gigs – ed.]

In the kingdom of comedy, who’s the ruler, and what’s your role in the court?

Nobody is the ruler.  If somebody tried to become one they’d be torn down from the throne quicker than a Game of Thrones character. My role in the court is waaaayy down there.  Maybe like a member of the city watch in that I’m here the whole year when everyone leaves.

Gareth Waugh: Honestly? is @ Gilded Balloon Teviot, Edinburgh, until Mon 28 Aug 2017