Mark Nelson


We talk to the stand-up star famous for his dad-and-daughter video funnies.

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Complete The Circuit is our series of interviews with regulars on the Scottish comedy circuit. Each comedian answers our questions then nominates someone else to answer them next, until, having asked everyone who’s anyone we get back to the beginning. Interviewee #2, nominated by Eddy Brimson, is Mark Nelson… 

Who are you, what are you and how are you feeling?

I am stand up comedian Mark Nelson and I am extremely tired.

When did you first think “I’m a comedian”?

Last year when I first headlined The Comedy Store was the first time I really accepted that I was now a comic.

When did anyone else first think you were a comedian?

I remember making a joke during a Czech Republic match during Euro ’96 and Dad laughing a lot.

How do you like to work?

At the very last minute and under ridiculous pressure and stress. Well, I don’t like it but it’s genuinely the only way I can produce my best stuff.

Someone nicks your joke. What do you do?

Steal their car.

What do you like most about the Scottish comedy circuit?

Everyone is very nice to each other.

What do you like least about the Scottish comedy circuit?

The fact that it is completely ignored by anyone who makes decisions within the media.

The Fringe – Heaven or Hell and why?

Heaven, if I’m truly honest. Because the buzz you get at some points is unmatchable.

What would you ban from comedy?

Opening jokes about people you have been told you look like.

In the kingdom of comedy, who’s the ruler, and what’s your role in the court?

The ruler is Doug Stanhope. I am merely a pawn in the game of life.

Give us a comedian we should talk to next

Gareth Waugh

Mark Nelson: Irreverence is @ Gilded Balloon Teviot from Wed 2 Aug 2017