Days of Wine and Roses


Highly observant reflections on what it means to be an alcoholic in this iconic play directed by Kenny Miller.

Image of Days of Wine and Roses

Showing @ Tron Theatre, 14 – 29 Oct @ 19:45

Days of Wine and Roses is a play that has undergone many incarnations over the decades, most notably as JP Miller’s 1962 film starring Jack Lemmon and Lee Remick, and more recently in Owen McCafferty’s version at the Donmar Warehouse. In a co-production between the Tron Theatre Company and Theatre Jezebel, the play is now being revisited by director and designer Kenny Miller.

Set in 60s London, Donal (Keith Flemming) and Mona (Sally Reid) have just left Belfast to start life in this new and unfamiliar city and soon fall in love with life, each other, and alcohol. It’s not long before the drink starts to dominate their lives and their whirlwind adventure quickly spirals out of control.

With an award-winning cast and director as well as a solid script full of highly observant reflections on what it means to be an alcoholic, this will no doubt be the highlight of the Tron Theatre’s autumn season.