FAB Fest


The FAB Fest @Filmhouse: three days of non-stop cinematic horror, fantasy and everything in between. Fri 30th April.

Image of FAB Fest

The human fascination with horror, dread and the unknown is a trait that affects some people more than others. While the idea of being frightened by celluloid plots and imaginary beings may not appeal to some, the rest of us can readily admit that we love a good scare. And if that sounds like you, then the upcoming FAB Fest , which is about to make its Scottish debut at the Filmhouse, will be the perfect pre-summer treat. Featuring, among many other rich and varied themes, massacres, martial arts and mental illness, the FAB Fest was organised by founder Harvey Fenton, to fill the gap created by this year’s absence of Dead By Dawn, Scotland’s only annual horror film festival. The FAB Fest promises three days of non-stop cinematic horror, fantasy and everything in between. Featuring Scottish and UK premieres, cult classics, forgotten favourites and the latest offerings from some of the industry’s best known directors and showcasing new talent, the FAB Fest represents a welcome return to a weekend of horror cinema excess, and is a tribute to all things bloody, eerie, and most important of all, scary.

Featuring special guests and a number of Q&A’s, the festival’s eclectic line-up includes such horror classics as the new High-Definition version of Lucio Fulci’s zombie epic, City of The Living Dead (1980), the rarely seen director’s cut of Buddy Giovinazzo’s cult gritty post-Vietnam war epic Combat Shock (1986), the Scottish and UK premieres of Mike Master’s and David J Francis’ zombie documentary, Reel Zombies (2008) and Nicolas Alberny and Jean Mach’s award winning fantasy, 8th Wonderland (2008).

And if this just isn’t enough, a mini Dead By Dawn festival will be taking place at the Filmhouse later in the year, so keep checking the Filmhouse website: http://www.filmhousecinema.com/ for more details.

Playing from Fri 30th of April-Sun 2nd of May at the Filmhouse, Edinburgh weekend pass £65.