Happy Ever After?


Prepare for fairy-tale characters to be exposed at this year’s Fringe by magic/theatre group Thee Gothic Gentlemen.

Image of Happy Ever After?

Showing @ Greenside, Edinburgh Sat 6 – Wed 17 Aug, times vary

It’s now time for the lives of fairy-tale characters to be exposed. Much like our ‘beloved’ celebrities, the personal lives of our angelic childhood friends are getting dragged out for public display. Cue a depressed Maid Marion, a bereaved sea witch and the mass murder of singing animals, making OK! seem like a more appealing bed time story… Ok, maybe not.

Thee Gothic Gentlemen’s Happy Ever After? uses music, magic and comedy to reveal the truth behind kids’ classic stories. Breaking away from the typical children’s narrative, performers Tommy and Nique (The Gentleman and Lil Goth) have chosen to document the demise of our sickly sweet cartoons in cabaret style. With only three months experience of working together and this being their first visit to Edinburgh, what they’re trying to pull off seems challenging and a bit dangerous to say the least. But with Nique’s background in street performance and circus training, coupled with Tommy’s technical abilities, the pair will be able to create something ‘magical’. With Internet sensation Nick Pitera Skypeing in during the show, there might even be a sing-a-long. Openly branding themselves as a sociopath and psychopath, there’s no doubt their production will be dark, gory and not one for the kids.


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  1. Liz says:

    The picture says it all, lack of enthusiasm, energy and stage presence (literally), not to mention lack of comedy. We went excited about the presence of nick pitera but it was just YouTube video (not even on full screen mode). We personally believe that to be called a piece of theatre actors need to be on stage for at least 50% of the show, brief minutes of performance were interrupted by long uninteresting recordings (video and vocal) which were attempting (and failing) to cover up unnecessary costume changes. The “comedy” fell flat and left the audience silent and embarrassed on their behalf, this combined with the long periods of no one on stage resulted in 5 of the 6 audience members leaving half way through the show (during yet another 10 min long video). This show claims to ‘Document the demise of classic children’s stories’ when in reality it just documents the demise of the audiences sanity and patience.

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