Peter Pan on Ice


Showing @ Festival Theatre 9-13 Feb, a daunting performance by some of the best in the business.

Image of Peter Pan on Ice

Peter Pan on Ice showing @ Festival Theatre, 9-13 Feb @ 19:30

Prepare to be whisked off to Never Land with Peter, Wendy, Captain Hook and all the characters from J.M. Barrieā€™s story of pirates and fairies but this time on ice.

The Festival Theatre is home for five nights to Wild Rose and The Russian Ice Stars’ version of Peter Pan. Wild Rose has pioneered the art of storytelling on ice with Cirque de Glace and Snow White on Ice, amongst their other productions.

Written for the sons of his friend Sylvia Llewelyn Davies, Peter Pan’s sheer, childlike storytelling is what keeps it in hearts of adults and youngsters alike, now well over 100 years old, it’s a tale that clearly speaks to a more primal side of ourselves no matter which version we watch.

With a specially commissioned score from composer, Silvio Amato, who has worked across all mediums in his native Italy and Hollywood over the last 30 years, expect a rich full sound.

Whilst the complicated choreography comes courtesy of Giuseppe Arena, who is versed in ballet, and has spent the last fifteen years focusing on ice skating. A rare combination of a moving, timeless tale and a team of experienced skilled dancers, this is a night not to miss.