Broken Records

at The Hug and Pint

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Celtic Connections kicks off with a sold out show from Broken Records

Image of Broken Records

In 2018 Celtic Connections is celebrating its 25th year. The music festival focuses on traditional music and has brought a variety of international acts to Glasgow, whilst also highlighting local Scottish talent. The festival kicks off this evening and it is Broken Records from Edinburgh that are headlining a sold out gig at the Hug and Pint on the Great Western Road.

The basement venue is close to capacity as support act Adam Stafford takes to the stage. Stafford plays a selection of tracks from his forthcoming double album, due to be released in May 2018 by Song, By Toad Records. Stafford uses his voice, guitar and a loop peddle to build up dramatic soundscapes and leaves the audience transfixed and somewhat confused during his eclectic and mesmerising set.

Broken Records are due to release their fourth album What We Might Know in a couple of months. It follows up 2014’s Weights & Pulleys and if tonight’s performance is anything to go by it will see the band return to the epic energy of their early releases. The set kicks off with a burst of vitality with the powerful and forceful vocals of frontman Jamie Sutherland grabbing the attention of the audience. He is joined onstage by his brother Rory, who adds to the grand nature of the music with soaring violins and upbeat keys.

The six piece band are in a buoyant mood and look incredibly happy to be playing new songs in front of a packed venue. The set also draws on early tracks where the passion and intensity of the music is obvious in every note. Having been together for over ten years the band has a rich back catalogue to draw from, but it is the new songs that stand out this evening. Broken Records conclude the performance with the title track from their new album and the subtly and fragility of the track showcases the depth and talent of the band and draws a fine evening of music at Celtic Connections to a close. Broken Records assure the audience that they will return to Glasgow after the record has been released and they will undoubtedly be playing a larger a venue as the Hug and Pint was fit to burst this evening.

Celtic Connections continues at various venues in Glasgow until Sunday 4th of February. Broken Records release their new album What We Might Know on 30 March 2018. To celebrate the release the band are playing a headlining show at Summerhall in Edinburgh on Thursday 26 April and also Church in Dundee on Saturday 21 April.