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Witty Scottish rap duo’s songs about Mr Whippy and Margaret Thatcher have people screaming for more pizza.

Image of CARBS
Photo: Mike Melville / Manic Pop Thrills

@ Glad Cafe, Glasgow on Sat 12 Sep 2015

MC Almond Milk and Jonnie Common, also known as CARBS, launch their debut album Joyous Material Failure at Save As Collective’s 7th party by passing a delicious cheese pizza to their hungry audience. Much hype has gathered in the days leading up to the pizza party and the Scottish rap duo do not fail to deliver, as fans devour their tasty snacks and playful electronic sound.

Support acts warm the crowd up, with Sham Gate dismantling the idea that electronic music is emotionless. His emotive performance is interspersed with his engaging audience interaction that eases guests into the evening, making them feel more comfortable. French artist PHOENE, although not as vocal, continues to raise the momentum of the night as feet start to shuffle along to her careful and precise beats.

The phrase “Scottish rap” might sound like an embarrassing joke, but CARBS have their fans laughing alongside them with clever lyrics and hilarious stage banter. Members of Save As Collective – a nourishing home for Glasgow’s electronic artists – Jonnie and James have the charisma that makes spectators feel like they are hanging out with their really funny mates, who happen to be good at producing catchy backdrops to their jokes.

Their first release from the album, Stick A Flake In Me (I’m Done), is played alongside the accompanying homemade video. Jonnie’s beautifully Scottish twang romps over the buoyant melody and has everyone dancing and screaming along (“nobody actually screams”).

If you like to have a laugh and want a “carbs injection” then you should purchase Joyous Material Failure, presented to you in a miniature pizza box packaged CD – best served hot.