Carla J. Easton

at The Hug and Pint

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Last Night From Glasgow present an evening of music at Celtic Connections

Image of Carla J. Easton

Record label Last Night From Glasgow have put together an excellent night of live music at The Hug and Pint as part of the Celtic Connections Festival. The label was set up to help emerging artists and give them a platform to perform, release and make revenue from their music. The D.I.Y approach to the music industry fits in with the ethos of Celtic Connections, by bringing new and exciting music to Glasgow. Tonight’s gig is headlined by Carla J. Easton with support from Zoe Bestel and The Miss’s.

The Miss’s are a local duo and this time last year they launched their debut album at Celtic Connections. Michelle Low and Audrey Tait make beautiful and forlorn music with powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics. They perform a short and elegant set that almost definitely won them some new fans. Zoe Bestel has a new record coming out on Last Night in Glasgow in April. Tonight she performs songs from this record and proves you can do a lot with just a ukulele and a delicate, but striking voice. Zoe’s music has a haunting and evocative tone and while she performs the audience remain awestruck at her magnificent music.

Carla J. Easton is the singer with indie pop band Teen Canteen and has recently released music under the name Ette. Now using her own name, she is due to release a new single called ‘Lights in the Dark’ and tonight’s gig is part of a tour celebrating the release. Carla is backed up by a band that includes musicians she met at a song writing residency in Canada. The band find it difficult to fit on the small Hug and Pint stage, but they manage to move and groove to the sublime pop music that is performed this evening. Carla is battling a sore throat and struggles to introduce herself, but any problems with her vocals are gone as soon as she starts to sing. With Teen Canteen Carla made pop music with big choruses and vibrant lyrics. As a solo artist she is taking the same approach to her music, but with the addition of a full band the songs are presented in a grand and ambitious scale.

Each song that Carla and the band perform is blessed with a catchy chorus and an infectious beat. The Hug and Pint has a dive bar vibe to it and is the perfect venue to experience some delightful and impressive pop music. Last Night From Glasgow have several more events coming up in the city in the up and coming months, whilst Celtic Connections continues until Sunday the 4th of February.