David Correos & Matt Stellingwerf: Chaos & Order

at Gilded Balloon Teviot

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Much like great sex, this brilliant hour of stand-up boasts intense foreplay and mind-blowing release.

Image of David Correos & Matt Stellingwerf: Chaos & Order
Note: This review is from the 2017 Fringe

We left Chaos & Order breathless with excitement. For the price of one ticket, you get not just one hugely talented comedian, but two. First there’s Matt Stellingwerf, a wonderfully dark and intelligent satirist. And then there’s David Correos, who in the best possible way might just be insane.

Even better, their material is highly original and wildly funny. But let’s start at the beginning …

We walked into the theatre, deeply hungover. So much so, we didn’t quite register the tarpaulin and bucket on stage, though like the rest of the audience we felt it best to avoid the first and second row, just in case.


The lights dimmed and out came Matt, who instantly joked about our cowardice. He then marched over the empty seats, and preceded to deliver a brilliant, and incredibly dry half hour of comedy.

A trained criminologist, his stories aren’t just amusing, they’re actually pretty fascinating. Yes, this is a man who can even make a serial killer laugh about his impending execution. Hashtag true story!

Though perhaps our favourite of Matt’s anecdotes is a tale of botched lovemaking, where he describes his penis as ‘al dente at best.’

Mind you, his half hour in the driver’s seat was over all too quickly, but oh what an exquisite thing it is to be left wanting more.


Next it was David’s turn, a man with little time for subtlety, or clothing. His comedy is both smart and shocking all at the same time, covering such topics as his teenage circumcision paid for with a two-for-the-price-of-one voucher.

But the real attention-grabber is when he removes his clothing, and douses himself in ready-mixed gin and tonic. It’s here things really start to get insane. Though just when you think he can’t possibly go any further, well, bugger us he absolutely does. Repeatedly!

Bottom line: These boys deliver a hilarious and truly unforgettable hour of comedy. And while time may be running out to see them, the utterly brilliant news is: they’ll be back next Fringe. We can’t wait!


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