Dominic Dromgoole – Hamlet: Globe to Globe

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The true story of a theatre troupe from the globe bringing Hamlet on a round-the-world tour.

Image of Dominic Dromgoole – Hamlet: Globe to Globe

With a thoroughly charming style, Dominic Dromgoole leads us on a beautiful journey around the world with one of the most iconic pieces of theatre ever written. The book follows the true tale of a theatre troupe from the Globe, directed by Dromgoole himself, as they take Shakespeare’s masterpiece Hamlet to every single country on the planet.

From its inception, this concept is beguiling and enticing, and even the slightly too long logistical chatter doesn’t dull the excitement that you feel as you really start to grasp the enormity of the challenge, and the beauty that it can reveal.

The reader does not need to know Hamlet very well to enjoy this journey, although a healthy love of Shakespeare does lend a certain amount of magic as the impact of the play is felt more deeply. Also, naturally, the author heavily relies on examining the play in order to explain why this particular piece of theatre hits home with so many people. The impact of the performance on different audiences, with different lives, cultures and surroundings is a real joy to behold, and there is nothing that displays the transformative and universal power of the Bard than this story.

The writing is sweet, clear and concise. It is accessible and written with true love and admiration, a quiet but assured passion. Dromgoole’s obsession is captivating and addictive, and although there are a few long winded sections, there is more than enough good will for the author, and the promise of a gripping journey, that easily keeps the reader going.

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