Elegy for an Echo

at theSpace @ Jury’s Inn

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A solid start from a new Edinburgh company

Image of Elegy for an Echo
Note: This review is from the 2017 Fringe

This production contains all of the passion expected of a start-up company. Putting on a show, of any scale is not an easy task to accomplish and so all newcomers should be welcomed. There is no exception for Gin and Chronic Theatre Company, who have delivered an excellent narrative with a unique spin to traditional lore.

Performances range from excellent to acceptable to just filling a role. The deceased character of Jen and her partner Connor just tear at the audience’s heart. When the two share a scene, it becomes entirely believable. Individually the pair exhibit all the control and expression required, carrying quiet moments effortlessly. Unfortunately, a couple of cast members really do struggle when placed next to such solid talent. Whilst not poor, there is a tinge of nerves or inadequate preparation. 

No hand holding, no pandering. Elegy for an Echo offers real human decisions to circumstances in which other producers may have backed away to a safer option. The atrocities and deals one would conduct to see a loved one once more are realistic. Michaela Gauci in particular as Jen helps place us in Connor’s mindset, to see why someone would go to such extremes to keep this person in their life.

They always say: “leave them wanting more”. Which is precisely what Elegy for an Echo accomplishes. This desire though comes from what feels like a rushed ending. With the Fringe’s limited run times, there’s a sense that this was meant to be a longer production. Whilst you can guess at the “favour” Connor has to carry out, the manner in which it is staged delivers. The conclusion delivers a desirable twist. In a world of forced happy endings or ridiculously dark turns, it manages to accomplish a personal feel in keeping with the tone.