Gary Lamont: Dropping the Soap

at Gilded Balloon @ Rose Theatre

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Gary shows he’s a man of many talents, and top of the list is comedy.

Image of Gary Lamont: Dropping the Soap
Note: This review is from the 2017 Fringe

While we’re yet to visit the River City – the beeb’s Scottish soapie – we are big, big fans of Gary Lamont. He’s hugely entertaining, utterly charming, and an absolute natural when it comes to comedy.

After eight years playing “that gay hairdresser off the telly” he’s decided to go in search of fresh challenges. The first of which is conquering Edinburgh Fringe with his one-man show Dropping the Soap.

We’re happy to say that’s now a box he can well and truly tick. Packed full of laughs, this is a show that will permanently embed a smile on your dial.

Conceived with his best friend and creative partner Jonothan McLeod, the premise sees Gary skyping his celebrity pals and asking for career advice now that he’s unemployed. So expect a call to everyone from a grumpy Graham Norton to the fabulous Claire from Steps.


But it’s not just the show’s title that’s impressive, Gary gives a brilliant performance too. Despite insisting he’s no comedian, he really can nail a punchline. He also effortlessly belts out show tunes, and can charm the pants off any audience.

The night we saw Dropping the Soap, it had completely sold out, and deservedly so. There’s even interest from promoters about the touring the show nationwide, something Gary never expected. But given how at ease he is on stage, it’s really no surprise.

Bottom line: when Gary Lamont drops the soap, it’s an absolute pleasure picking it up.


Dropping the Soap
8:45pm August 25 – 28
@ Gilded Balloon, Rose Theatre

Read our interview with Gary Lamont HERE.


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  1. Audrey Donaghey says:

    Went to see Gary on Friday at Eastwood Park theatre and had an hour of belly laughs. It was a fabulous show from start to finish. Also what a voice that man can sing. Would highly recommend. Xxx

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