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Whether you’re dining and dashing to the theatre, or taking the kids for a pizza, there’s something on the menu just for you.

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We’re definitely guilty of suggesting children shouldn’t be seen OR heard when dining out. But this is the story of three food bloggers who went family-friendly. Not only did they survive to tell the tale, it also has a happy ending.

One of eighteen in the chain, Gusto Edinburgh is a big restaurant, but its sophisticated décor gives the many booths and tables a feeling of intimacy. Meanwhile arty photography and chandeliers overhead help complete the vibe.


You’ll also encounter a variety of crowds. Weekdays it’s the corporate & suited looking for a little lunchtime pizazz. Early evenings, you’ll find families. In fact, rumour has it children are even encouraged to help cook their own pizza.

But then, as the lights dim a little further, in rolls the cocktail set and those of us who prefer our dining a little more adults-only.

Thankfully, there’s plenty to take the edge off a hard day (or even a hard life for that matter). Our particular favourite was the Cherry & Coconut Sour, perfectly refreshing, with a wonderfully sharp twist. Bliss.

Soon we had wine en route and a selection of cured meats. We also tried what strikes us an idea of genius: individual Cheese fondues. With dipping vegetables and crusty bread, it hits the spot rather nicely.


Next, we three food bloggers abandoned protocol, and ordered exactly the same main dish: the Pan Roast Duck Breast with braised fennel and orange. Yes we know, we are truly dull, dull, dull.

While it was perfectly cooked, we were hoping for a tad more zing in the sauce, and a few more carbs on the plate. On reflection, we should have gone for the Roast Chicken Breast. It’s served with fried gnocchi, which we know (from previous visits) ticks ALL of our boxes.


We finished the night with yet more wine, and Gusto’s spin on Tiramisu. Billed as “homemade” and with a “secret recipe” we’re happy to report this is a dish with plenty of zing. Spoiler: is the secret a hint of mandarin??

So having faced our family-friendly fears, we think Gusto’s well worth a visit. Whether you’re dining and dashing to the theatre, or taking the kids for a pizza, there’s something on the menu just for you.


In a pre-theatre nutshell:

Venues Nearby: Edinburgh Filmhouse, Usher Hall, Traverse Theatre & The Lyceum (9 minute walk)

Perfect for: Dinner / lunch / cocktails

Price: Starters £7, Pizza £12, Mains £15+

135 George Street
Edinburgh EH2 4JS
0131 225 2555

The Social Bitches dined as guests of Gusto.