Note: This review is from the 2017 Fringe

There’s much to commend comedian Nick Cody for. He’s deeply, deeply cynical, a huge fan of drinking indulgently, and wishes death upon all people who take part in a flash mob. Well no argument here.

Making him all the more endearing to us foodies is the fact he’s completely addicted to coffee, and hates vegans with a passion. His immortal line, which had us laughing out loud: I would punch a pig to death if it meant meat for everyone. Respect!


On Fire marks Nick’s third year of entertaining audiences at Edinburgh Fringe. When he debuted in 2015 he dazzled many a comedy fan, and soon found himself in the top ten highest reviewed shows.

But on the night we saw his latest offering, somehow he wasn’t quite as “on fire” as his tagline suggests. While there’s no denying he’s an accomplished storyteller with some great punch-lines, we found his delivery a little too laid-back.

So in amongst the quirky anecdotes, such as how it feels to piss yourself as a adult, there wasn’t quite enough of the big laughs you’d expect from a comedian with Nick Cody’s credentials.

Bottom line: We love the cynicism and the anti-veganism, but we want more …


Nick Cody: On Fire
8:20pm August 26 – 27
@ Underbelly Med Quad