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New Jersey band release their third and most impressive album to date.

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(Topshelf Records, released Fri 22 Sep 2017)

Ridgewood, New Jersey band Prawn have just released their latest record Run on Topshelf Records. The eleven-track album follows on from the 2014 release Kingfisher and showcases the songwriting talents and ambitions of the group.

Opening track Hunter is an indie-rock-pop classic with a bold chorus and attention-grabbing guitars, infused with bouncy melodies and upbeat lyrics. As the album progresses, so too does the depth and quality of the record. Second track Snake Oil Salesman is initially a full-on punk-rock blast of a song, but halfway through the pace is slowed down and the effect adds to the excitement of the track and the album as whole.

This inventiveness is again shown in the track Short Stem. It is a quiet, slow-paced number with passionate lyrics and gentle guitars. The song features the beautiful refrain “I’m just repeating the same love songs I sing in the dark” and is a bold statement midway through the duration of album. The final three tracks offer a satisfying conclusion to the record. Leopard’s Paw is a glacial track with rasping vocals and soaring guitars. Greyhound is more familiar punk-rock territory, but again keeps the listener guessing with a change of pace and catchy chorus. Final track Split Logs draws Run to a close and concludes the satisfying and enjoyable journey of the record.

Several years ago the term emo revival was used to describe a new set of bands who were taking influence from 90s emo bands such as The Promise Ring, Christie Front Drive and Mineral. Prawn and several other Topshelf Records bands were lumped into this new genre. With Run, Prawn have developed their sound and now stand apart from their contemporaries and also their influences. Run feels like a complete album with no filler tracks. It is fantastic indie rock record from an exciting band who know how to write great songs with passion and integrity.

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