WHITE – Monkey Business, National Museum of Scotland

at National Museum of Scotland

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Glasgow-based WHITE battle the National Museum of Scotland for the spotlight

Image of WHITE – Monkey Business, National Museum of Scotland

An offer to wander the National Museum of Scotland of an evening was too good an opportunity to miss, as the museum has a wealth of galleries to explore. On Friday 10th March, however, headliners WHITE were the draw, supported by a selection of acrobats, Fresh Air DJs and The Vegan Leather.

In the event, the grand setting left the stage area feeling a little under-appreciated. Throw in an audience who were in attendance for any number of reasons, and the idea of any band keeping its attention seemed an uphill struggle.

Support act The Vegan Leather initially appeared a little daunted by this, despite bringing a small following. This did not last long and, once they found the comfort of their own sound, they pulled off a polished, energetic set. A repertoire of catchy tunes with just a touch of angst kept the audience onside and entertained. This young group’s mixture of synth, vocals and guitar made for the perfect support for headliners WHITE

After a short break, allowing the atmosphere to defuse a little despite the DJ’s best efforts, WHITE took to the stage. Full of glorious swagger, this Glasgow-based band certainly grabbed the room. Energetic and engaging, WHITE produced a fantastic set filled with 80’s and 90’s influences smashing its way into 2017. Since seeing them previously at Electric Fields festival, the band have gained a polish and a greater confidence that really suits them. There’s something about having a lead singer taking control of an audience backed by talented band members that should make for a great gig.

Sadly, despite their polished vocals and showmanship, WHITE’s sound was a little lost to the room, making for an output which, though impressive, defused some of the energy previously experienced.

The event was a mixed bag of an evening, a little unsure of what it was trying to achieve. The music, sadly, came second place to the venue despite both acts putting on a vibrant and enjoyable show. Go to the NMS and be amazed. Go and see both acts and be entertained, just in a venue that allows them both (and especially WHITE) to own the stage.