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Traverse Theatre


Polina Borisova’s Go! is an entrancingly poignant account of vanishing memories.

Hôtel de Rive

This kind of enigmatic theatre may appeal to the steadfast avant-garde enthusiast, but is broadly unengaging.


Tortoise in a Nutshell revive their 2012 Fringe hit to reveal a frightening vision of war.

Scrapyard / Unhinged

An evening of mixed outcomes as Scrapyard and Paper Doll Militia join forces in an ‘unhinged’ showcase.


A playful yet touching piece of sensual storytelling on the euphoria – and despondency – of love.


A gorgeous cross-collaboration between the Netherlands, Norway and Slovenia on the importance of Gods and Myths.

Inside Llewyn Davis

Understated and pitch-perfect: a sombre work which excavates the depth of our pursuits and the value of our accomplishments.

Les Misérables

Authentic, sensitive and bold, but the camera fails to reproduce the heart of the original.

Jack Reacher

Crazily overlong and as desperately trashy as the horse it rode in on.


Co-writers and lead actors Steve Oram and Alice Lowe give new meaning to the phrase, ‘it’s grim up north’.


Affleck has tapped into this once classified mission with nous and creative finesse.


Quite simply, this is flawless cinema, addressing the obscurity of love and questioning the weight of its worth.

Theatre Uncut

Theatre Uncut returns to Traverse for one night only, still as involving and responsive as it was in 2011.

Glasgow Girls

Cora Bissett and David Greig’s original musical about the Glasgow Girls is a dynamic, thoughtful and fulfilling experience.