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Rory Edgington

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Speak No Evil

Speak No Evil is a play about freedom of speech which really doesn’t speak anything of substance.


A hilarious piece of total theatre about the man who would be Kubrick.


Cambridge University ADC’s postmodern adaptation of Aeschylus’ tragic trilogy.


Sold Out Shows?

Rory Edgington fights through the crowds at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and questions whether it’s all that it used to be.


Sanctuary explores the moment when profound reality interrupts a banal existence.

A Clockwork Orange

Stanley Kubrick’s cult film examines whether controlling criminality with medicine is morally justifiable.


The Spirit of ’45

Loach’s latest feature-length documentary gives a fascinating glimpse of Britain’s immediate post-war history.



A bleak and excruciatingly honest portrait of the ‘Rainbow Nation’.


Surviving Progress

Ad hoc solutions aside, this is an informative and entertaining debate on the nature of progress.


I, Tommy

Though slightly forgettable, I, Tommy is current, trenchant and at times very funny.



Minotaur is a finely directed minimalist piece, straddling both the traditional and modern in its concept.


Mies Julie

The chemistry between Bongile Mantsai and Hilda Cronje is torrid, creating a perspiration drenched eroticism


4.48 Psychosis

Sarah Kane’s swan song is darkly beautiful and still as harrowing as ever.

The Erpingham Camp

Almost five decades on, Fourth Monkey demonstrate that The Erpingham Camp has lost none of its resonance.

Woza Albert!

This 1981 classic of South African theatre is as funny and sharply critical as it was 31 years ago.

Oliver Reed: Wild Thing

With swagger, charisma and audience rapport, Rob Crouch ensures this is never simply an Oliver Reed impression.