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Music Is Magic

Bring on the Music Man!

After an inspirational Royal Albert Hall concert by a group of musicians with learning disabilities, Mary-Ann Connolly asks why the same can’t happen here.

Dial Medicine For Murder

Dial Medicine for Murder

Two serial killing doctors – Shipman and Adams – come under the microscope in the RCPE’s latest lecture

Syphilis Then & Now

Syphilis: Then and Now

Syphilis – not everyone’s idea for a great night out, but Ryan Latto finds the RCPE lecture on it fascinating

Sarah Howells - Audacious Women

Write to Remember

Sarah Howells explores creative non-fiction whilst coaxing everyone to tell their story.

V&A Dundee_Scotland_©HuftonCrow

V&A Dundee

Dundee’s stunning new design museum is set to revitalise the city