An Untitled Love

Eclectic, irreverent, and delicious dance from Kyle Abraham and A.I.M

24 August 2022


A compelling dance piece of unparalleled beauty

22 August 2022


Hard-hitting physical theatre charts the dark past of the asylum

16 August 2019

Seeking Unicorns

Stoic physical performance experienced on a personal level

16 August 2019


A visual feast defying expectation

15 August 2019

La Galerie

Bizarre narrative takes the shine off the accomplished circus feats

15 August 2019

My Land

Jaw-dropping and back-breaking feats of physical strength and suppleness

15 August 2019

Kalakuta Republik

An evocative evening of dance that is unflinching in its force and passion

12 August 2019

Basque Showcase

A surreal and underwhelming 90 minutes of interpretative dance

12 August 2019