Breathtaking contemporary circus trio explore male companionship

12 August 2015

Close Up

Circa challenge everything you’ve thought about circus with this glorious, chaotic abstraction.

11 August 2015

One Fine Day

Energetic contemporary dance double bill, forming part of the Korean Season at Assembly.

11 August 2015

4x4: Ephemeral Architectures

Tracing pathways in space, four jugglers and four ballet dancers explore pure patterns and mathematics with grace and precision.

11 August 2015

Alba Flamenca

An excellent Flamenco experience, generous of spirit and coming directly from the heart.

10 August 2015


A rather disappointingly choreographed dance piece.

10 August 2015

Smoke and Mirrors

A human circus of two weave acrobatic exploitations and high-flying distortions.

9 August 2015

360 Allstars

Connecting the street with the elite, 360 ALLSTARS is an incredible hour of urban circus.

9 August 2015

Interview: Frank Van Laecke

'All of the private storylines, all of the private sorrows.' Les Ballets C de la B stage director talks about En Avant, Marche! at EIF

17 July 2015