Bold, graceful and refreshing: The Cottier Chamber Project bewitches with complex choreographic abstractions mirroring a weighty musical selection.

30 June 2015

The Car Man

Lust for wealth is explored in Matthew Bourne’s acclaimed dance piece, based on the passionate score of Bizet’s Carmen.

14 June 2015

Cross Currents

A wonderful theatre to perform in, great lighting, super ideas and some clever staging, but Edinburgh College's show is, nonetheless, disappointing.

28 May 2015


Inspired by pagan and animist rituals, Damien Jalet and Scottish Dance Theatre's piece is taut, robust and evocative.

19 February 2015

The Typist

A flamenco-infused, multi-disciplinary piece of dance theatre that ranges from exhilarating to clunky.

18 February 2015


An effervescent master-class in solo performance that never quite gets to grips with the emotional nitty-gritty of its subject matter.

14 February 2015

That’s It

A disconcerting and characterful UK premiere from Dutch dancer Sabine Molenaar

3 February 2015

Three’s A Crowd

[Rating: 2/5] All Or Nothing's aerial theatre is technically clever, but its vague concept fails to captivate.

2 February 2015