Shane Meadows

'Nine out of 10 people who I ever talk to, Dead Man's Shoes is almost annoyingly at the top of everyone's list!' We speak to Shane Meadows ahead of the EIFF screening of his iconic revenge thriller

Kevin Ibbotson-Wight/23 August 2023

Past Lives

A melancholy and aching sleight of emotional hand that signals the arrival of a major new voice

21 August 2023

Is There Anybody Out There?

A wonderful personal journey towards self-acceptance that also seeks to reframe how we view disability

20 August 2023

Asteroid City

Impressively-staged but inert nested metanarrative drains the emotion from Wes Anderson's subdued whimsy

6 July 2023

La Syndicaliste

Isabelle Huppert excels in gripping whistle-blower thriller

30 June 2023


A well-acted, stylistically-impressive debut sadly let down by its unexplained narrative

26 June 2023

Beau Is Afraid

Ari Aster rifles through his psyche and his cultural influences for a uniquely frenzied session of naval-gazing

24 May 2023


Manipulation trumps influencing in this twisty, ambiguous social media psycho-drama

17 May 2023

Return to Seoul

A heart wrenching tale of loneliness and desire for belonging

17 May 2023

Peter Pan & Wendy

A tonally inconsistent mess that even David Lowery can't save

15 May 2023


Strong lead performance anchors this gripping thriller about one man trying to avoid the consequences of his actions

26 April 2023

Judy Blume Forever

Blume's books provided a non-judgemental context for adolescent sexuality

26 April 2023