Narratively satisfying and visually remarkable fairy tale incorporates ancient Basque legend to mesmerising effect

15 March 2023

My Name is Alfred Hitchcock

Engaging, career-spanning examination of Hitchcock's work with a curious but entertaining conceit

24 February 2023


Beneath the glitz and glamour is a pit as shallow and lifeless as the people it portrays

12 February 2023

Enys Men

Mark Jenkin crafts an unsettling retrograde, albeit inaccessible, horror.

9 February 2023

Shotgun Wedding

Jennifer Lopez struggles to entertain in this poorly-written action-romcom short on action, romance, and laughs

7 February 2023


A frustrating and messy horror that wastes a decent premise and delightful practical effects

7 February 2023


A timeless insight into the plurality of truth

7 February 2023