Sweet Baboo

The Wreckage

A welcome return for the off-kilter singer-songwriter, full of low-key charms and wistful, meandering tales

26 January 2023

Revolution Rap

With the release of free-download album theFREEhoudini by Themselves, Ross Kinghorn examines the value of underground avant-garde hip-hop label Anticon

17 September 2009

Lost In Audio

Jenni Gould went off to chat to lead singer/guitarist Joe and drummer/backing singer Ewan about the Edinburgh music scene, Iceland and their thoughts on getting ahead in the music industry...

12 May 2009

Music "DJ" mix

Abelton Live reviewed and pursued by music man Ben.

5 May 2009

Fleet Foxes

[rating:4/5] Anthony introduces us to those fleeting foxes and points us to the best tracks on the album.

3 April 2009

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

[rating:4/5] Latest album from the glorious Karen O: It's Blitz.

1 April 2009