spoken word

As Far As Impossible

Profound and harrowing in equal measure, Rodrigues' verbatim piece shines a light on humanitarian efforts

13 August 2023

Mr Fox

Masterful storyteller reworks the darkest of folklore with warmth, wit and charm

11 August 2023


Working class kid with a lot to say makes himself heard

3 September 2022

Pain and I

Searingly beautiful insight into a life lived in pain

28 August 2022

as british as a watermelon

Solo show delivers a thought-provoking, albeit unfocused, exploration of performer’s upbringing

27 August 2022


Potent and poignant commemoration of family and the Holocaust

26 August 2022

Detention Dialogues

An insightful and thought-provoking examination of the treatment of asylum seekers

23 August 2022