spoken word

As Far As Impossible

Profound and harrowing in equal measure, Rodrigues' verbatim piece shines a light on humanitarian efforts

13 August 2023

Mr Fox

Masterful storyteller reworks the darkest of folklore with warmth, wit and charm

11 August 2023

Book Festival Preview: Colm Toibin

We preview acclaimed writer Colm Toibin before he discusses his latest novel during the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

27 July 2015

Interview: Matt Abbott

Matt Abbott is a street poet and indie musician from Wakefield. Matt lets us know about his influences and preparation for his Fringe debut, the Spoken Word show - Matt Abbott is Skint & Demoralised.

24 July 2015

Liar’s Tour

Shaggy dog tales abound in this good-hearted tour, as part of the Scottish Storytelling Centre's Midsummer Celebrations

28 June 2015

Tour of John Knox House

An absorbing amble through time at John Knox House as part of Midsummer Edinburgh Old Town Celebrations.

27 June 2015


Although spontaneity is sought after in this epic open-mic, it feels as regimented as a military march.

21 September 2014

Talk About Something You Like

Mental Illness and honest storytelling is presented in a funny and touching piece of spoken word theatre.

15 August 2014