The Silver Darlings

[rating:3/5] Neil M. Gunn's 1941 novel adapted by Peter Arnott comes to Edinburgh.

9 October 2009

Rain Man

Men Behaving Badly star turns his hand to autism in the classic tale of botherhood, King Theatre (10 Nov - 14 Nov)

5 October 2009

Insane in the Brain

Street dance version of Cuckoo's Nest? You have to see it to believe it...Festival Theatre (24 Oct - 26 Oct)

5 October 2009

Wide Asleep

[rating:2/5] Self aggrandising bunch of silliness with creepy painting obsessions...

2 October 2009

The Silver Darlings

Neil Gunn's seminal tale brings us the darker side of Scottishness at the King's Theatre (6-10 Oct)

30 September 2009

The Steamie

[rating:3/5] Singing women in a steamie...what decade are we in again?

30 September 2009

Little Shop of Horrors

[rating:3/5] Make way for the Little Shop of Horrors and don't sit too close to that giant man-eater!

29 September 2009

An Argument About Sex

Another voyeuristic gaze at humanity from the Tramway (3 Oct-17 Oct) and the Traverse (29 Oct-7 Nov)

29 September 2009

The Grapes of Wrath

John Steinbeck's plea for social justice hits the King's Theatre stage 13 Oct-17 Oct

28 September 2009