Life is a Dream

Captivating epic tale bolstered by impressive performances

26 August 2023


Moving exposé of the lifelong harm wrought by religious homophobia

25 August 2023

Pale Moon

Showing @ Diverse Attractions, 16-21 August, 19:30

1 August 2010


Showing @ Zoo Roxy, 9-29 August, 16:30,

1 August 2010

McGrotty & Ludmilla

HATS present their revival of Alasdair Gray's biting political satire of Thatcher's Britain, loosely based on Aladdin. Showing @ Roxy Art House until Sat 24 July, tickets £7 (£5)

23 July 2010

The Women of Troy

random ACT present their take on Euripides' classic tragedy. Showing at The Metropolitan Basement Bar, Edinburgh, 7:30pm & 9pm until Sat 10th of July. (£5)

12 July 2010

Peter Pan

Back to its roots, Pan returns to Scotland in David Greig's new version.

9 June 2010


Bite-sized opera at the Traverse

21 May 2010

Peter Pan

David Greig's new version for NTS

18 May 2010


For those new to opera this should provide an interesting if atypical introduction and to the aficionados with this bite-sized evening. Showing @Traverse Theatre 20-25 May then touring

18 May 2010

Charlie and My ’45

New show from Tightlaced challenges the phrase 'work in progress' with this professional show down.

18 May 2010