Life is a Dream

Captivating epic tale bolstered by impressive performances

26 August 2023


Moving exposé of the lifelong harm wrought by religious homophobia

25 August 2023

Number One Fan

A misogynistic columnist leaves a jilted wife seeking revenge in this twisted dark comedy

18 September 2019


An engrossing exploration of self-realisation and desire

17 September 2019

Power Ballad

Physical theatre that is too abstract to support meaning

17 September 2019

Pink House

A small-scale and subtly powerful play about the ghosts of the past and cultural legacies

11 September 2019

Gregory's Girl

The film that captured the zeitgeist of 80s Scotland translates perfectly on to today's stage.

7 September 2019

Cadaver Synod

Ben Blow's comedy play gives corpsing a new meaning

4 September 2019

North and South

Pitlochry Festival Theatre brings theatre into the community by delivering an ambitious adaptation of Gaskell's novel that just falls short

4 September 2019