Life is a Dream

Captivating epic tale bolstered by impressive performances

26 August 2023


Moving exposé of the lifelong harm wrought by religious homophobia

25 August 2023


Intense, captivating reworking of Kafka's classic from the perspective of Grete

1 September 2019

Art Heist

Complex comedy built round the chaos of a heist gone wrong

31 August 2019


Turtle Company whisk us away on an adventure with a young girl and her pet hamster

30 August 2019

Avenue Q

A perfect performance of an award-winning show

29 August 2019

Endless Second

A narratively complex look at rape within a relationship in the post-#MeToo era

29 August 2019

Late Night Ceremony

Group showcase by Berlin cabaret performers makes for a strange experience

28 August 2019

Pink Lemonade

Mika Johnson presents a personal and powerful story

28 August 2019


Fascinating adaptation of the angels of death in Austria

27 August 2019

Who Cares

Hard-hitting and important; this is more than a theatre show

27 August 2019