visual art

The End Of TV [ONLINE]

An exquisitely evocative piece of storytelling from a highly talented group of visual artists

6 February 2021

Crave [ONLINE]

A majestically relentless production of Sarah Kane's blistering exploration of love and loss

3 November 2020

Emma Hart: BANGER

Exciting exhibition from winner of the Max Mara Art Prize for Women

29 October 2018

V&A Dundee

Dundee's stunning new design museum is set to revitalise the city

13 September 2018

Hive Mind

Renée Rilexie questions the boundary between humanity and technology

28 August 2018

Century Song

A thoughtful, compellingly magnetic piece from Volcano Theatre.

7 August 2018

Five Telegrams

The immensely talented 59 Productions and Anna Meredith combine to create a spectacular yet reflective opening to this year's Edinburgh International Festival.

4 August 2018