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The Great Museum

A delightful insight into the machinations of a great artistic institute.

Finding Fela

A fascinating glimpse of this eccentric figure and his world of music, radical politics and African spiritualism.

A River Changes Course

A beautiful documentary that shows the effects rapid industrialisation is having on Cambodia’s more traditional ways of life.


An informative and heartwarming documentary with a slightly misleading theme set in the picturesque Tongass Forest.

Planet Ocean

A thought-provoking film illustrating the effect we have on our planet’s seas.

We Are Northern Lights

A new documentary comprising of footage sent in by the Scottish public directed by Nick Higgins.

Interview: Michael Palm

Director Michael Palm talks to us about his Low Definition Control, the idea of fear and film’s power to document it all.

EIFF 2012: East of the Border

This year’s EIFF makes up for last year’s disappointment as Artistic Director Chris Fujiwara talks about the vast array of Asian films.

Dogwoof: May Docs

Dogwoof’s dynamic May season of documentaries spotlights some attention on the lesser known activities from around the world.

Life in Movement

A faithful film that celebrates the life and personality of the iconic dancer.