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Free Fringe

Women Poets at the Fringe

After two years of gaining momentum at the Fringe, women poets are bringing more class acts to the festival.

Counting House Kow Tows?

Editor Robert James Peacock ruminates on rumours that The Counting House is set to be a paid venue at this year’s Fringe.

Interview: Dandy Darkly

Neil Arthur James’s alter ego Dandy Darkly is back in Edinburgh with brand new show Trigger Happy. Sarah McIntosh caught up with him on a quiet lunchtime at CC Blooms…

Interview: Matt McDonagh

Vegan and rock’n’roll seem an unlikely combination, but somehow the 21-year-old pianist/singer from East Kilbride manages to pull it off.

How To Have A Frugal Fringe

Enjoying August in Edinburgh doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Kerry Teakle explains how to have a frugal Fringe.

Interview: Rosie Holt

Comedian and writer Rosie Holt, winner of The Sitcom Trails 2013, tells us about making a comedy name for yourself at the Fringe.