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Peter Buckley Hill

Peter Buckley Hill

The man who put the PBH into PBH’s Free Fringe talks turkey as he prepares for the 20th (and last?) installation of the show that started it


Working to make it work

Eve Simpson talks about her experience of being a young, working-class woman bringing her first play, Twice Over, to the Fringe

1920s dancers

A New Roaring Twenties for Scotland

Things can seem grim in cultural circles, but Scotland has the potential for a bright new decade, argues Editor Robert Peacock. And as The Wee Review relaunches, we want to be part of it.


Rob Auton

We chat to the comedian, writer and poet ahead of his April shows at The Stand and a new Fringe show.


Fringe Dispatches: Standing Still

Ahead of the press previews, Ewan Spence is worried that the Fringe may not be able to deliver this year and he’s looking for some inspiration.