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Interview: Sound & Vision at GFT

We speak to Programme Coordinator Sean Greenhorn about the Sound & Vision strand’s new place in the Glasgow Film Theatre calendar.

A River Changes Course

A beautiful documentary that shows the effects rapid industrialisation is having on Cambodia’s more traditional ways of life.


An informative and heartwarming documentary with a slightly misleading theme set in the picturesque Tongass Forest.

Planet Ocean

A thought-provoking film illustrating the effect we have on our planet’s seas.

Venus in Fur

Roman Polanski’s raunchy and enjoyable battle of the sexes revels in its own metafictional nature.

Interview: Isabel Mendes

Festival director of Africa in Motion (25 Oct-2 Nov) speaks to us about how African art has skyrocketed over the last ten years.

GFT: June

From documentaries to cult horror, social realism to surrealism, no rock will be left unturned by the mêlée of films offered to us at GFT this June.

GFT: November

It’s all about love at GFT this November, whether it be obsessive, maniacal or nostalgic.

Scotland Loves Anime

An exciting and ambitious programme of animated cinema is back in Glasgow and Edinburgh over two weekends this October.