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Philip Hammond

Kick Out The Jams

The political phrase du jour makes a convenient acronym but has sinister undertones


I, Daniel Blake

It’s received praise and criticism alike, but Loach’s latest hits too close to home to be dismissed as a mere polemic.


Joe Sellman-Leava

Worklight Theatre’s Artistic Director talks Labels, his Pleasance Courtyard show about identity


Finding Fela

A fascinating glimpse of this eccentric figure and his world of music, radical politics and African spiritualism.


Solomon and Marion

Touching and powerful South African set drama of connection and confusion.


It’s a Wonderful Life

As the 65th anniversary of Frank Capra’s classic approaches, Neil McEwan looks into the film’s subtle Conservative underpinning.


Sole: Donald Trump Shit

“I just wanna say, fuck Donald Trump’ Oh such a satisfying listen. It’s time for rappers of the world to unite.

War and Peace

Apparently there’s no need to reach for the noose just yet…