Alexandra Wingate

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The Comedy of Errors

[rating:4/5] Hilarity ensues in this all male production of Shakespeare's comedy of misidentification from Propeller Theatre Company.

21 April 2014


[rating:4/5] A one-woman play that maintains the Traverse is still a heavyweight of Scottish theatre.

17 December 2013


[rating:3/5] A revival of the 1996 hit musical that deals with the then taboo issues of homosexuality and HIV.

20 November 2013

Kiss Me Honey, Honey

[rating:3/5] Fresh from this year's Fringe, you'll either love or hate this nostalgic comedy.

17 October 2013

The Way Way Back

[rating:2/5] A mediocre film about teenage angst too bland to ever really remember.

19 September 2013

Luke Wright: Essex Lion

[rating:4/5] Don't be put off by the 'spoken word' listing - this is accessible, satirical and entertaining.

21 August 2013

Rose (Róża)

[rating:4/5] Even when humanity is at its very cruelest, love will continue to endure.

27 June 2012

California Solo

[rating:3/5] An all-round solid film with a compelling performance from Robert Carlyle.

27 June 2012