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The Panopticon

Russell-Martin's empowering performance gives a voice to those failed by the care system

17 October 2019

The Iliad

The classic poem reimagined for the stage.

29 April 2016

A Murder is Announced

Agatha Christie's 1950 murder mystery returns to the Edinburgh stage.

3 February 2016

Tipping the Velvet

Sarah Wade's unforgettable novel becomes a mesmerising theatrical production.

8 November 2015

My Name Is...

A faultless piece of verbatim theatre that goes behind the headlines.

5 October 2015


Well-intentioned and thoughtful start to this season's A Play, A Pie and A Pint

5 October 2015

The Straw Chair

Rarely seen play set on remote St. Kilda is rich with relevance about the place of women in society

27 April 2015


David Cronenberg's unsettling and almost prophetic debut feature is undoubtedly a '70s horror, but its themes remain timeless.

17 October 2014

The Visitor

Universally panned upon its release in 1979, this Italian cult classic might just be the ultimate midnight movie.

6 October 2014

Night of the Comet

An exceptional post-apocalyptic parody that shows horror doesn’t have to take itself too seriously.

21 September 2014