Ariane Branigan

Fringe Sub-Editor
Ariane is a linguistics student at the University of Edinburgh. In her free time, you can find her learning Thai and doomscrolling Twitter.
90 articles

Magic Goes Wrong

Mischief Theatre are up to their usual tricks in this slightly hit-or-miss magic variety show

15 April 2022


Problematic themes tarnish an otherwise-excellent take on an 80s classic

8 December 2021

Charlie's a Clepto

A woman desperately tries - and fails - to keep out of trouble for 24 hours, with amusing and moving results

5 October 2021


Aspirations of becoming an MTV backup dancer meet unforgiving reality

31 August 2021

We Missed You

A touching and delicate balancing act of introspection and clowning

29 August 2021


Pregnancy, motherhood and 80s hits all make an appearance in this dynamic solo show

25 August 2021


Exploration of self-awareness through the lens of five house parties

20 August 2021


Compelling exploration of the #girlboss mentality's shortcomings

18 August 2021