Camila Contreras

Camila is an editor and writer based in Stirling, Scotland. Hailing from the French parts of Canada, she holds a diploma in film studies, a BA (Hons) in English Literature and Theatre and an MLitt in Women, Writing & Gender.
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A flash dance performance with a powerful international message

23 August 2018


Back from an Australian tour, the folk band fuse heritage and innovation at Stirling's Tolbooth.

20 May 2018

The Handsome Family

An evening of gothic country and blues music to transport the audience to the American South.

14 March 2018

Twelfth Night

An energetic and often hectic rendition of one of Shakespeare's best comedies.

24 September 2017

New Focus Quartet

Stirling Tolbooth gets eclectic, energetic jazz, performed with guts and passion.

30 May 2017

The East Pointers

An evening of Canadian folklore music, combining traditional and modern inspiration.

26 May 2017

Out Of This World

Mesmerising and emotional journey created through an impressive combination of acting, aerials, and projections.

23 April 2017

Distil Showcase 2017

A nautical showcase of talented new Scottish composers performed by Mr McFall's Chamber.

2 April 2017