Catherine Renton

Books Editor
Cath is a freelance writer whose first published work was a critique of Ready Steady Cook in a national newspaper when she was 10. For 11 months of the year she can be found hunched over a laptop bemoaning the state of the world, but every August comes alive at the Fringe.
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Stunning film noir parody from writer and sole performer Lewis Doherty.

23 August 2018

McMagic Moments

Bibby's magical comedy show fails to deliver the laughs

22 August 2018

Laura Lexx: Trying

Laughter-filled hour of comedy as Lexx smashes taboos with ease

21 August 2018

Tits 'n' Teeth

Startling, provocative one-woman-play tackles weighty issues with darkly comic undertones.

20 August 2018


A great idea failed by its script and delivery.

18 August 2018