Dominic Corr

Dominic is a recent Film & Media graduate who gravitated towards the stage. For seven years he has been a freelance writer who has reviewed countless productions, films and events over multiple outlets. Originally from St. Andrews, he is at his happiest when surrounded by books, curtain up or trailer's starting, gin is citrusy or anything relating to fairy tales is on the table. Shortlisted for the Allen Wright award 2018. Reviewer, writer and 'professional' cynic.
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Dvořák's opera wonderfully captures movement and design, but is light on aria

11 August 2022


Luhrmann's return to manic form can't quite capture The King of Rock n' Roll

28 June 2022


Porn drama with an explicitly authentic narrative

17 June 2022


Alex Garland's wink-and-nudge metaphors aren't enough for this folk-horror

10 June 2022


An explosion of colour and rhythm which takes time to communicate familial-generational struggles

6 December 2021


Well-produced psychological drama dissects the contemporary mythos of "the people's princess"

15 November 2021

While at War

Sobering storytelling with a lavish design and contemporary warning

13 October 2021

Plan A

Depiction of lesser-known post-war plan of vengeance struggles to forge a connection with audiences

11 October 2021