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Theatre & Dance Editor
Beth is the Theatre Editor here at The Wee Review. Often sleep-deprived, she juggles being a Spanish PhD student and tutor at the University of Edinburgh while working as a freelance writer and editor. Get in touch at
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An artistic film rich in symbolism and history that sadly will not be to everyone's liking.

10 January 2018


Shona Reppe’s creative retelling of the classic fairytale leaves audience enthralled

10 December 2017


Although a visually stunning feature, Manifesto fails to make a statement.

25 November 2017

One Mississippi

A carefully-constructed exploration of male vulnerability

14 October 2017

Damned Rebel Bitches

A remarkable tale of two elderly sisters let down by an exhausting plot.

2 October 2017

Spring Awakening

A powerfully hypnotic and heartbreaking production of the musical based on Frank Wedekind's polemic cult classic.

21 June 2015

Bitter Sweet

A gripping and incredibly raw presentation of two people who, by staying together, find themselves hurting both each other and themselves.

1 March 2015

The Moonlit Road

An unoriginal and lacklustre performance that fails to have any real stage presence.

16 November 2014

Seven Hungers

A bizarre and thought-provoking performance exploring the dangers that arise from our hunger for food, love and comfort.

19 October 2014